Appendix A: Getting Assistance

Updated: March 17, 2004

Technical support for Microsoft® MapPoint® Location Server (product ID: 69986-270-0000000-00000) is available from Microsoft Product Support Services as follows:

  • Customers inside the United States can call (800) 936-5800, as described at Microsoft Support (point to Microsoft Services and then click Microsoft Professional Support).

  • Premier Support customers can call the phone number provided by their Technical Account Managers (TAMs), Application Development Consultants (ADCs), or other contact as listed in the Premier Support contract.

  • Customers outside the United States can contact their local Microsoft Support Center, which they can locate by going to Microsoft International Support.

  • Technical support information about MapPoint Location Server is available online at the MapPoint Web Service Support Center.

  • For assistance with lost or misplaced credentials for MapPoint Web service, contact

  • For discussions about MapPoint Location Server, see the MapPoint Location Server newsgroups.