Windows Media On-Demand Producer

Published: April 01, 2000 | Updated: November 12, 2004

Windows Media™ On-Demand Producer, co-developed by Microsoft and Sonic Foundry, simplifies the creation of streaming media content. Both experienced Web developers and novice streaming media authors can easily create streaming files, giving end users instant media playback instead of requiring them to wait for files to download.

Note: Since the sale of Sonic Foundry's software product line to Sony, and the discontinuation of the Stream Anywhere product upon which the Windows Media On-demand Producer was based, this product is no longer available from Microsoft. The program (Wmodp.exe) may still be available from some third-party sources.

Here are the Windows Media Authoring options currently offered by Microsoft:

Easily Author Streaming Media with Windows Media On-Demand Producer

  • Easy conversion of WAV and AVI files to ASF for streaming to the Windows Media Player.

  • Visual production environment for rapid media placement and manipulation.

  • Wide range of data rates from low-speed dialup to high-speed broadband connections.

  • Easy synchronizing of markers and script commands in a stream.

  • Batch processing for simple, efficient coding.

  • Simple audio and video enhancement: drag-and-drop fade controls, trimming, and brightness adjustment.

  • Video preview windows for instant feedback.

  • Dynamic range audio compression for crisp, clear audio at low data rates.

  • Publishing wizard that simplifies creation of ASX files and provides HTML templates.

  • Simple, easy-to-use controls.