Exchange 2007 Webcasts


Topic Last Modified: 2012-03-26

Want to learn more about Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in a way that works with your schedule? Support WebCasts are a great way to do that. Support WebCasts are a free Internet broadcast service that is provided by Microsoft. You can view webcasts on-demand, and you can also download them in Microsoft Windows Media format for offline viewing. Here’s a sample of just some of the webcasts that are available for Exchange 2007. So make some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy!

Learn about the Exchange 2007 implementation of the Autodiscover service. You can use this service to automatically configure Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with connection settings so that it can easily connect to the Exchange 2007 server. The Support WebCast includes information about server and certificate configuration in various environments to achieve optimal functionality. Discover more yourself, and watch Support WebCast: Introduction to Autodiscover in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Take a look at what's new in Exchange 2007 disaster recovery strategies. We review topics like how to recover a lost Exchange server in Exchange 2007, understanding the setup /mode:RecoverServer command, how to use RecoverServer to recover a clustered mailbox server, and how to restore a mailbox database to a new server that has database portability. We also review Exchange 2007 disaster recovery tools and wizards. Help prepare yourself for disaster recovery, and watch Support WebCast: Microsoft Exchange 2007 disaster recovery.

Hungry for more? Well, we've got lots more webcasts just waiting for you. Visit links to webcasts that cover areas such as deployment, migration, mobility, and security. (Also on that page be sure to check out the links to "Exchange Server 2007 Guided Labcasts." With a Labcast, you can learn about an aspect of Exchange that's new to you and try things firsthand by following along with an Exchange technology expert.) To get you on your way quickly, here are some webcasts that you might be interested in: