sp_syscollector_delete_collection_set (Transact-SQL)


Deletes a user-defined collection set and all its collection items.

Applies to: SQL Server (SQL Server 2008 through current version).

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sp_syscollector_delete_collection_set [[ @collection_set_id = ] collection_set_id OUTPUT ]  
    , [[ @name = ] 'name' ]  

[ @collection_set_id = ] collection_set_id
Is the unique identifier for the collection set. collection_set_id is int and must have a value if name is NULL.

[ @name = ] 'name'
Is the name of the collection set. name is sysname and must have a value if collection_set_id is NULL.

0 (success) or 1 (failure)

sp_syscollector_delete_collection_set must be run in the context of the msdb system database.

Either collection_set_id or name must have a value, both cannot be NULL. To obtain these values, query the syscollector_collection_set system view.

System-defined collection sets cannot be deleted.

Requires membership in the dc_admin (with EXECUTE permission) fixed database role to execute this procedure.

The following example deletes a user-defined collection set specifying the collection_set_id.

USE msdb;  
EXEC dbo.sp_syscollector_delete_collection_set  
    @collection_set_id = 4;  

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