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Date/Time Improvements (ODBC)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

SQL Server 2008 introduced new date and time data types. This section describes how these new types are exposed as extensions in SQL Server Native Client. For an overview of SQL Server Native Client support for the new date and time data types, see Date/Time Improvements. For a sample demonstrating ODBC date/time support, see Use Date and Time Types.

For more general information about date and time data types, see datetime (Transact-SQL).

Data Type Support for ODBC Date/Time Improvements

Provides information about ODBC types that support SQL Server date and time data types.

Metadata (ODBC)

Describes information returned in the implementation parameter descriptor (IPD) and implementation row descriptor (IRD) fields, as well as column metadata returned by SQLColumns and SQLProcedureColumns. Also describes data type metadata returned by SQLGetTypeInfo.

datetime Data Type Conversions (ODBC)

Describes how to convert between datetime and datetimeoffset values.

sql_variant Support for Date/Time Types

Describes SQL_VARIANT function support for enhanced date and time functionality.

Bulk Copy Changes for Enhanced Date/Time Types (OLE DB and ODBC)

Describes date/time enhancements to support bulk copy operations.

Enhanced Date/Time Type Behavior with Previous SQL Server Versions (ODBC)

Describes the expected behavior when a client application using enhanced date and time features communicates with an older version of SQL Server, and when a client compiled with an older version of SQL Server Native Client sends commands to a server that supports enhanced date and time features.

ODBC API Support for Enhanced Date/Time Features

Lists the ODBC functions that support enhanced date and time functionality.

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