Troubleshooting Speech Application Reports

Published: June 20, 2005

Troubleshooting Speech Application Reports

For the most current information, see the Microsoft Speech Technologies Online Speech Application Reports Troubleshooting page.

Identifying QA Controls Contained in ASP.NET Application Speech Controls

QA controls are identified by name in Speech Application Reports. Where an application uses Application Speech Controls, the names of some QAs might be automatically generated. These automatically generated names will typically take the form _ctl[n] where [n] is a number greater than or equal to zero. The names refer to individual QAs used within an Application Speech Control.

Reducing Delays in Report Creation

Reports can take several minutes to generate when there is a large amount of data in the database. Microsoft SQL 2000 Reporting Services provides features such as subscriptions and report caching that allow users to generate unattended reports on a set schedule. Using these features can mitigate delays in report creation. For more information see the topics Report Caching in Reporting Services and Managing Subscriptions in the MSDN Library.

Determining Call Volume Totals

Call volume totals are incorrect when the CallStartedEvent and CallEndedEvent events are not included in the reports database. In all reports, call volume totals depend on these events, so if they are not included the totals are not correct. See the Errors report to determine the number of calls with missing CallStartedEvent or CallEndedEvent events.

Reporting Services Error: Invalid column name 'Languages'

If Speech Application Reports are used with databases created by the Microsoft Speech Server 2004 log analysis tools, the following error message may be returned.

Reporting Services Error
  An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted) 
    Query execution failed for data set 'Language'. (rsErrorExecutingCommand) 
      Invalid column name 'Languages'. 

This error occurs because the database schema of version 1.0 databases cannot be interpreted by the current version of Speech Application Reports. To update Speech Application Reports databases, either use the command line tool DatabaseUpgrade.exe, or the Database Upgrade tool. This will update the database without affecting its data. For more information see Updating Version 1.0 Databases.

The Error "Sessions missing start and end event" Appears on the Errors Report

In most cases this is normal, as some sessions are recycled by the server before a call is received. However, if this value is significantly high, ensure that your active logging configuration includes the following call status events: CallStartedEvent, CallEndedEvent, and CallRejectedEvent.

For more information, see Configuring Event Logging.

Calls Transferred Count Does Not Match the Number of Call Transfer Events

In the Call Volume report, in rare cases, the total count of transfers reported in the Type of Disconnect table may be different than the number of transfer events reported in the Call Transfer Events table. This may happen if a transfer event occurs within the reporting period, but the start and end of its containing call does not fall entirely within the reporting period; that is, if the start of the call is prior to the reporting period, or the end of the call is after the reporting period, while the transfer event itself falls within the period.

The count reported in the Type of Disconnect table therefore refers to complete calls within the period that end in a transfer. The total reported in the Call Transfer Events table refers to the number of transfer events during the period.

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