Architecture Overview

Published: June 20, 2005

Architecture Overview

Microsoft Speech Server (MSS) is a multi-component, distributed server environment for deploying speech-enabled Web applications. MSS supports the Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) markup language. SALT extends existing markup languages such as HTML, XHTML, and XML to provide voice access to Web-based applications.

For more information about SALT, see the SALT forum Web site at

Speech Server Components

The following documents describe the MSS components, and the relationships between them.


The Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server is included with Windows Server 2003.

MSS features the ability to use third-party speech processing components created by select Microsoft partners. For more information about partner offerings, partner component interoperability, and using the Microsoft Speech Application SDK Version 1.1 (SASDK) or partner tools to develop applications for partner offerings, see the Partners page on the Microsoft Speech Technologies Web site.

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