Architecture: Speech Add-in for Pocket Internet Explorer

Published: June 20, 2005

Architecture: Speech Add-in for Pocket Internet Explorer

The Microsoft Speech Add-in 1.0 for Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer provides support for speech-enabled Web pages to run using Pocket Internet Explorer on a Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC (Pocket PC). After installing the add-in on a Pocket PC device, Pocket Internet Explorer is capable of properly interpreting SALT elements.

In addition to interpreting SALT elements, the add-in provides the communications link between Pocket Internet Explorer and Speech Engine Services (SES) over a wired network, or a high-bandwidth wireless network such as 802.11.

Speech recognition and playback is performed remotely by SES, as specified by the application. This is because the Pocket PC device may not have sufficient resources to manage large grammar files and prompt databases.

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