Telephony Interface Manager

Published: June 20, 2005

Telephony Interface Manager

The telephony interface manager (TIM) software is a separate component, tightly coupled to the installed telephony board, that enables the board to communicate with Microsoft Speech Server (MSS). All audio information, either from a caller or from Speech Engine Services (SES), passes through the TIM software. The TIM software accepts incoming telephone calls and routes them to an instance of the SALT interpreter. The audio portion of the call is sent to SES.

The TIM software performs the following functions:

  • Assigns an incoming call to an available SALT interpreter instance.

  • Assigns an instance of the SALT interpreter requesting an outbound call to an available outgoing channel (for example, in the case of a notification application).

  • Manages telephony call control events.

    For more information about call control events, see the "Call Management Controls" topic in the Speech Application SDK Help.

  • Handles all media processing, such as recording the audio for a telephone call, and playing back prompts.

Telephony Board

The telephony board provides the physical connection between the telephone network and TAS. The telephony board includes the drivers necessary to interface with the host computer's operating system. The TIM software supports certain manufacturer's telephony boards.

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