Log Analysis

Log Analysis

Logging and Analyzing Events
Legal Information
Authentication and Security
Viewing Call Details
Call Viewer
Using Queries
Troubleshooting Call Viewer
Viewing Calls
Installing the Speech Application Log Analysis Tools
Microsoft Speech Application Log Analysis Tools 1.1
Database Maintenance
Speech Application Log Analysis Tools Databases
Updating Version 1.0 Databases
Importing Log Files
Microsoft Speech Server Log Import Task
Database Upgrade Tool
Using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services to Import Log Files
Creating Speech Application Log Analysis Tools Databases
Scheduling Data Transformation Services (DTS) Imports
Securing Data Transformation Services (DTS) Packages
Using the MSSLogToDatabase Tool (MSSLogToDatabase.exe) to Import Log Files
Creating Custom Reports
Using Default Reports
Speech Application Reports
Troubleshooting Speech Application Reports
MSS Abstract Events
AudioStreams Category
CallAnalysisMessages Category
CallControlMessages Category
CallStatisticsMessages Category
CompiledGrammars Category
DetailedCallAnalysisMessages Category
DetailedLatencies Category
DetailedSRMessages Category
OperationalMessages Category
PlatformDiagnostics Category
ScriptDiagnostics Category
Event Categories
Event Logging Class Hierarchy
AdministrativeEvent Class
AnswerCallLatencyEvent Class
ApplicationOperatorEvent Class
ApplicationScriptEvent Class
ApplicationTaskEvent Class
AudioChangedEvent Class
AudioDoneEvent Class
AudioEndDetectedEvent Class
AudioLogEvent Class
AudioPausedEvent Class
AudioResumedEvent Class
AudioStartDetectedEvent Class
AudioStartedEvent Class
AudioStoppedEvent Class
BabbleTimeoutEvent Class
BindElementEvent Class
CallEndedEvent Class
CallRejectedEvent Class
CallStartedEvent Class
CallStatusEvent Class
CallStatusLineInfoEvent Class
CommonEvent Class
CstaMessageEvent Class
DataLogEvent Class
DebugMessage Class
DeveloperErrorMessageEvent Class
DeveloperInformationalMessageEvent Class
DeveloperMessageEvent Class
DeveloperWarningMessageEvent Class
DiagnosticEvent Class
DomCreationLatencyEvent Class
DtmfElementCompleteEvent Class
DtmfElementEvent Class
DtmfElementFiredEvent Class
DtmfElementStartEvent Class
DtmfMessageEvent Class
EndPromptPlaybackEvent Class
EngineEvent Class
ErrorEvent Class
ErrorMessage Class
ErrorMessageEvent Class
ExtendableRecognitionEvent Class
GrammarLogEvent Class
HttpCacheHitEvent Class
InformationalMessage Class
InformationalMessageEvent Class
InternalDiagnosticEvent Class
InterpreterStateChangeEvent Class
LatencyEvent Class
ListenElementCompleteEvent Class
ListenElementEvent Class
ListenElementFiredEvent Class
ListenElementStartEvent Class
OnNoRecoEvent Class
OnRecoEvent Class
OnSilenceEvent Class
PhraseStartEvent Class
PromptElementEvent Class
PromptElementFiredEvent Class
PromptElementQueuedEvent Class
PromptQueueEvent Class
PromptQueueFiredEvent Class
QASummary Class
RecognitionBaseEvent Class
RecognitionCompleteEvent Class
ResourceReadyLatencyEvent Class
SaltElementEvent Class
SaltInterpreterEvent Class
SaltLogMessage Class
SaltObjectEvent Class
SapiBinaryEvent Class
SapiEvent Class
SapiStringEvent Class
SessionEndedEvent Class
SessionStartedEvent Class
SmexElementEvent Class
SmexElementFiredEvent Class
SoundStartEvent Class
TaskComplete Class
TaskProgress Class
TaskStart Class
TASResourceReadyLatencyEvent Class
TelephonyCustomMessageEvent Class
TelephonyIOEvent Class
TIMEvent Class
TIMInfoEvent Class
TIMStatusEvent Class
Trace Class
TraceFailure Class
TraceMessage Class
TraceWarning Class
UserPerceivedAnswerLatencyEvent Class
UserPerceivedLatencyEvent Class
UserPerceivedResponseLatencyEvent Class
UserPerceivedDtmfLatencyEvent Class
UserPerceivedRecognitionLatencyEvent Class
WarningMessage Class
WarningMessageEvent Class
Event Sinks
Event Source Descriptions
Event Sources in a Distributed Environment
Event Sources
Event Filters
Understanding the Schema
MSSLogConfig Examples
MSSLogConfig Syntax
Using MSSLogConfig
ApplicationDebug Filter
ApplicationDevelopment Filter
CallAnalysis Filter
CallControl Filter
CallStatistics Filter
DetailedCallAnalysis Filter
DetailedLatencies Filter
PlatformDebug Filter
SREngineAnalysis Filter
RecognitionAudio Filter
Log File Extraction Utilities
Debug Sink
Windows Event Log Sink
Windows Event Trace Log Sink
Configuring Event Logging
Using the MSSLogToText Log Analysis Tool
Using the MSSUsageReport Log Analysis Tool
Using the MSSContentExtract Log Analysis Tool
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