Using the Command-Line Tool

The Microsoft Application Center 2000 (Application Center) command-line tool provides support for automated administration and management of Application Center.

Syntax Rules

The Application Center command-line tool syntax is similar to the NET command syntax, and has the following syntax rules:

  • Capital letters represent words that must be typed as shown. Lowercase letters represent names of items that may vary, such as server names.

  • Brackets ([ and ]) surround optional items that can be supplied with the command.

  • Braces ({ and }) surround lists of items. You must supply one of the items with the command.

  • The vertical bar (|) separates items in a list. Only one of the items can be supplied with the command.

  • Ellipsis within brackets ([...]) mean that you can repeat the previous item. Separate items with spaces.

  • A comma or semi-colon followed by ellipsis, enclosed within brackets, ([,...]) mean that you can repeat the previous item, but you must use the punctuation shown before the ellipsis, not spaces, to separate items.

  • When typed at the command prompt, names of two words or more must be enclosed in quotation marks.

Command-Line Execution Times

Several of the Application Center commands can take longer than expected to complete. The following list outlines the time-out periods for these commands:

Approximate Timeout


35 minutes

Cluster creation and member addition

20 minutes

Cluster disband, cluster clean, and member removal

Command-Line Execution Confirmation

A few of the Application Center commands require execution confirmation. You will be prompted for additional input to confirm the command specified. If a particular command requires confirmation, the following prompt will appear:

"Are you sure

On commands that require confirmation, specifying the /Y switch will bypass the prompt, and the command will execute as you answered "yes" to the prompt. This switch needs to specified only once for a command, even if the command produces more than one confirmation prompt.

Bb687320.warning(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Warning   The execution confirmation prompt is implemented as a safety mechanism for commands that may directly impact the cluster. Be careful when using this switch on commands, as it may impact the cluster in a way that you do not intend.

Remote Execution and Authentication

You can execute the command-line tool, Ac.exe, from any computer on which Application Center is installed, including Administrative client installations. Each command will connect to the cluster controller or member as necessary. All commands support remote execution, except:




which cannot be executed remotely.

Bb687320.note(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Note   When executing commands locally, you should not supply authentication credentials. Doing so will return an error.

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