Command-Line Reference Overview

The Microsoft Application Center 2000 (Application Center) command-line tool lets you perform key administrative functions of Application Center from the command line. The commands available through the tool are as follows:

  • CLUSTER command, which allows you to manage a cluster. You can create or disband a cluster, add and remove cluster members, and list all cluster members.

  • LOADBALANCE command, which allows you to enable or disable load balancing for a cluster member, drain connections, set NLB weights for a member, and obtain load-balancing status information.

  • CLB command, which allows you to update the Component Load Balancing (CLB) routing list on a cluster controller of a Web/COM+ routing cluster.

  • DEPLOY command, which allows you to deploy Applications Center applications and synchronize a cluster.

  • APPLICATION command, which allows you to create or delete an application on a cluster or member, list applications, and add or remove resources from an application on a cluster or member.

  • HELP command, which provides descriptions of the available commands, and their syntax and usage.

Bb687326.note(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Note   To view a complete list of command functionality, select one of the commands above.

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