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Before You Begin

Provides information about product requirements and installation.

Creating a Cluster

Describes how to create and join Application Center clusters and includes information about cluster types and load-balancing mechanisms.

Managing a Cluster

Explains how to administer existing clusters and how to configure the request forwarder and remote administration.

Synchronizing and Deploying Applications

Describes how to publish content to Application Center clusters, manage Application Center applications, and synchronize and deploy content across a cluster and beyond.

Securing a Cluster

Describes issues related to securing Application Center clusters, which includes firewalls, cluster topology, and content management. Additionally, this section provides tips for securing Internet Information Services 5.0 (IIS).

Monitoring a Cluster

Explains how to use the Application Center monitoring features, which include events, monitors, performance counters, and Microsoft Health Monitor 2.1 data collectors.

Command-Line Administration

Describes how to use the command-line tool to automate Application Center administration and management.


Includes a glossary and other reference information.

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