Unsupported Installation Configurations

Application Center does not support the following installation configurations:

  • Installation without the correct Windows 2000 Service Packs. The full server installation requires Service Pack 1 and Pre-Service Pack 2. The Administrative client installation requires Service Pack 1. Installation on Windows 2000 Datacenter does not require SP1. These Service Packs are provided on the product CD.

  • Installation on a computer with an operating system later than Windows 2000. This does not include any Windows 2000 Service Packs.

  • Installation on FAT16 partitions (except for Administrative client installations).

  • Installation on either a domain controller or a backup domain controller.

  • Installation from a mapped drive via Terminal Services.

  • Installation without the IIS Admin Service enabled. (This does not apply to Administrative client installations.)

  • A full server installation on Windows 2000 Professional. The Administrative client installation on Windows 2000 Professional is supported.

Bb687342.note(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Note   Installation support on a computer with Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) installed is limited. It is not possible to create a cluster, but other tasks, such as monitoring, are available.

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