Credentials Required for Running Application Center

The following credentials are required to use Application Center.

  • An Administrator account (local or domain) is required to launch the Application Center user interface.

  • To manage a cluster, you should use an Administrator account (local or domain) that exists on all involved servers. (usually a cluster controller and cluster member pair). If the account is local, the same password is required for both servers.

  • One set of credentials (with administrative privileges) for the source server, a second set of credentials for the targets, and a third set of credentials for the controller can be used with the deployment wizard to deploy from cluster to cluster.

  • Credentials with administrative privileges on the target server are required to add or remove a cluster member.

For simplicity, you should use one domain account with administrative privileges across a cluster. For security purposes, it is beneficial to use a separate, local, Administrator account to manage a cluster remotely by using the user interface.

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