Deploy COM+ Applications

Application Center does not automatically synchronize COM+ applications (after they have been synchronized when the members are added). You must deploy them as part of an Application Center application. You can deploy COM+ applications to the entire cluster at the same time or to one or more members at a time by using the New Deployment Wizard. Additionally:

  • Application Center does not support the synchronization of COM Classic components. To synchronize a COM Classic component, install the component into a COM+ application.

  • Deploying global ISAPI filters to a server will result in the restarting the Web Service on the server. Deploying to every member of a cluster results in the cluster being unavailable to serve content while the Web Service is being restarted on the members.

  • Application Center synchronizes all content and configuration settings (including COM+ applications and global ISAPI filters) to members when they are first added to the cluster.

  • Application Center will restart the Component Load Balancing (CLB) service after COM+ applications are deployed to members of a CLB cluster.

To deploy a COM+ application

  1. In the Application Center snap-in, either click an existing Application Center application or create a new one by clicking New.

  2. In the Resource Type box, click COM+ Applications.

  3. Click Add.

  4. In the Add Resource dialog box, click a COM+ application to add, and then click OK.

    Bb687385.note(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Note   Some COM+ applications might have files or registry settings that are associated with them. These should also be included in the application being synchronized. These resources might not appear in the COM+ Explorer.

  5. Repeat the preceding steps to add more COM+ applications and associated resources.

  6. When you have added all the resources to the application, right-click the Applications node, and then on the pop-up menu, click New Deployment.

  7. In the New Deployment Wizard, select the Deploy COM+ applications check box.

  8. On the Draining Options page, you can choose between having the connection draining process occur before the targets' Web Service is restarted or to have the service restarted immediately.

    Bb687385.note(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Note   The time period used to drain connections is specified in the Cluster Properties dialog box on the target(s) and is set to 20 minutes by default.

  9. Complete the New Deployment Wizard to deploy the applications.

Bb687385.note(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Note   Deploying COM+ applications restarts the Web Service on the targets, so deploying to the entire cluster will leave only the controller available to service HTTP requests.

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