Synchronize the Cluster

You can synchronize the cluster at any time by performing a cluster synchronization. A cluster synchronization affects all applications (except COM+ applications) and all cluster members in the synchronization loop.

Bb687390.note(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Note   To synchronize COM+ applications, use the New Deployment Wizard.

To synchronize the cluster

  1. In the Application Center snap-in, right-click the cluster node.

  2. On the pop-up menu, click Synchronize cluster.

Bb687390.note(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Note   Members that are out of the synchronization loop will not be synchronized with this method. When adding a member that has been out of the synchronization loop back into the cluster, deploy the entire cluster image to the member to ensure that all content and settings are up-to-date.

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