Change Event Log Persistence

Use this procedure to configure how long event log data is kept before being removed.

Bb687412.note(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Note   If you did not install Application Center Events and Performance Logging, logging cannot be enabled.

To change log persistence

  1. In the Application Center snap-in, expand the cluster node.

  2. Right-click the Events node, and then on the pop-up menu, click Properties.

  3. Under Options, in the Keep logged events for (days) box, type the number of days.

    Bb687412.note(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Notes

Bb687412.caution(en-us,TechNet.10).gif Caution   Once the data is removed from the log, it is no longer available. If you want to use this information, archive the logged data before it expires.

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