Monitoring Computer Resources

This topic contains information about monitoring your computer resources for availability and performance.

Analyzing Hardware Performance

You can periodically analyze your computer hardware needs to ensure that your content and services are at their highest performance. This involves monitoring your computer's performance and disk space. There are three main areas you will want to monitor: memory usage, disk space and allocation, and network speed and bandwidth availability.

Memory Usage

Insufficient RAM memory is the most common cause of computer performance problems. Many of the applications and content that your computer uses resides in memory. If there is insufficient memory for these, the computer will use disk space, called the page file, and transfer content back and forth between RAM and the page file. This consumes CPU resources that could be used to serve content and functionality to users.

To make sure that you have sufficient RAM memory to allow your computers to function optimally, you can periodically monitor memory usage using either the Performance View or through reports.

Performance Counters to Monitor
Events to Monitor

CPU Usage

The second most common cause of insufficient computer performance is insufficient CPU resources.

Disk Space

Network Performance

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