Join an Existing Cluster

You can add a server to an existing cluster by using the Add Cluster Member Wizard. To run this wizard, you must establish a connection to the server that you wish to join to an existing cluster. Once the server is added to the cluster and all applications have been synchronized to it, this member can begin to handle requests that are sent to the cluster.

You can also use the Add Cluster Member Wizard from the cluster, specifying this server as the server to add.

To join an existing cluster

  1. In the Application Center snap-in, right-click Application Center, and then click Connect.

  2. In the Server Name box, type the name of the server to add to the cluster.

    This name must be a valid NetBios name, DNS name, or IP address.

  3. Under Connection options, click Manage cluster for the specified server.

    • If you are not logged on with administrative privileges on this server, select the Connect as check box, and then enter the user name, password, and domain (optional) for an account with administrative privileges.

  4. In the resulting dialog box, click Join an existing cluster, and then click OK.

    The Add Cluster Member Wizard appears. For information about using this wizard, click Help as you proceed through the wizard.

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