Public Folder Properties > Replication Tab

Exchange 2007

Applies to: Exchange Server 2007 SP3, Exchange Server 2007 SP2, Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Topic Last Modified: 2007-08-24

Use the Replication tab of the public folder properties to view and set the content replication schedule and to specify the databases on which the public folder content will be replicated.

You can also use the Exchange Management Shell to set the properties of a public folder. For more information, see Set-PublicFolder.

Click this button to open the Select Public Folder Database dialog box. Use this dialog box to add a public folder database to the replica list.

For more information about using the Select Public Folder Database dialog box, see Public Folder Properties > Replication Tab > Select Public Folder Database.

Remove icon

To remove a public folder database from the replication list, select a database from the list, and then click this button.

Use public folder database replication schedule

Select this check box to use the replication schedule that is set on the public folder database. This check box is selected by default. To manually set the replication schedule, clear this check box and use the following settings in the corresponding list:

  • Always Run

  • Never Run

  • Run every hour

  • Run every 2 hours

  • Run every 4 hours

  • Use Custom Schedule

If you select Use Custom Schedule, click Customize to open the Schedule dialog box, and then specify the times that you want replication to occur.

Local replica age limit (days)

Use this text box to specify the age limit for items in this public folder. Items that have reached the age limit are deleted.