To view the IPv6 Internet Connection Firewall log file

Updated: February 03, 2006
  1. Open the command prompt by clicking Start, clicking All Programs, pointing to Accessories, and then clicking Command Prompt.

  2. Go to the directory where the log file is located by typing cd drive :\ folder where drive is the drive letter and folder is the folder name. The default directory for the log file is c:\windows.

  3. Type notepad filename where filename is the name of the log. The default name is pfirewall-v6.log.


  • If the maximum allowable size for pfirewall-v6.log is exceeded, the information that the log file contains is written to a new file and saved as pfirewall-v6.log.old. Any new log entries are saved in pfirewall-v6.log.

  • If you upgraded your computer from Microsoft Windows 2000 to Microsoft Windows XP, the default directory is c:\winnt.


IPv6 Internet Connection Firewall is only provided with the Advanced Networking Pack for Windows XP, a free download for computers running Windows XP with Service Pack 1. For computers running Windows XP with Service Pack 2, IPv6 Internet Connection Firewall has been replaced with the new Windows Firewall. For more information about Windows Firewall, see Manually Configuring Windows Firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2.