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Creating User and Group Accounts
Configuring User Rights Policies
Managing Existing User and Group Accounts
Managing User Profiles
File and Folder Permissions
A Step-by-Step Guide to Advanced Certificate Management
Internet Protocol Version 6 (Ipv6)
Creating Highly Available File and Printer Shares with Windows 2000 Cluster Service
Windows 2000 Clustering Technologies: Cluster Service Architecture
Windows 2000 Command-Line Utilities
Connecting Remote Users to Your Network
Configuring Dynamic Volumes
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for Windows 2000
IAS Authentication and Authorization
IAS Accounting
IAS Configuration
IAS Scenarios
Security and IAS
Performance and IAS
Troubleshooting IAS
Appendix A - Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix B - The RADIUS Protocol
Appendix C - Differences Between Windows NT 4.0 IAS and Windows 2000 IAS
Appendix D - Using Pattern Matching Syntax for Realm Replacement
Appendix E - IAS Events in the Windows 2000 System Event Log
Appendix F - IAS Registry Settings
Appendix G - Performance Monitor Counters and SNMP MIBs
Securing Windows 2000 Network Resources
Network Load Balancing Technical Overview
Microsoft Remote Access Introduction and Overview
Implementing Registry-Based Group Policy for Applications
Windows 2000 Security Technical Overview
Components of Windows 2000 Remote Access VPNs
Deploying PPTP-based Remote Access
Deploying L2TP-based Remote Access
Appendix A: Configuring Firewalls with a Windows 2000 VPN Server
Appendix B: Alternate Configurations
Appendix C: Setting up a VPN test lab
Appendix D: Troubleshooting
Appendix E: Deploying a Certificate Infrastructure
Summary & Related Links
Windows 2000-Based Virtual Private Networking: Supporting VPN Interoperability
Windows 2000 Virtual Private Networking Scenario
Common Configuration for the VPN Server
VPN Remote Access for Employees
On-Demand Branch Office
Persistent Branch Office
Extranet for Business Partners
Dial-Up and VPNs with Radius Authentication
Appendix A - Procedures
Windows 2000 Startup and Logon Traffic Analysis
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Security
Chapter 2: Domain Upgrade
Chapter 3: Domain Restructure
Chapter 4: Restructuring Tools
Chapter 5: Mature Windows 2000 Domains
Chapter 6: Welcome to Hay Buv Toys
Chapter 7: The Desired Structure and Migration Goals
Chapter 8: Domain Upgrade
Chapter 9: Migration of a Windows NT 4.0 Account Domain to Active Directory
Chapter 10: Consolidation of Windows NT 4.0 Resource Domains
Chapter 11: Intraforest Migration
Windows 2000 Certificate Services
Components of Windows 2000 Router-to-Router VPNs
Deploying a PPTP-based Router-to-Router VPN Connection
Deploying an L2TP-based Router-to-Router VPN Connection
Appendix A: Configuring Firewalls with a Windows 2000 VPN Router
Appendix B: Alternate Configurations
Appendix C: Troubleshooting
Summary & Related Links
NetWare to Windows 2000 Server Migration Planning Guide
Remote Operating System Installation
Simplify Windows 2000 Desktop Deployment
Deploying Windows 2000 with Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) Modifications
Windows 2000 Services
Windows 2000 Centralized Management
Windows 2000 Clustering: Performing a Rolling Upgrade
Windows 2000 Advanced Server: Clustering Microsoft ITG Infrastructure Services
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