Running Custom Actions with Health Monitor

Published: April 23, 2001


The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how, using the features of Application Center 2000, you can customize and extend common operations through the use of custom actions associated with Health Monitor monitors.

Application Center 2000 provides many ways of changing the state of the systems it administers. Examples include taking servers online or offline, deploying new content, and adding or removing members to the cluster. Typically, the built-in actions are sufficient for cluster operation. However, on occasion you may want to run custom actions (scripts) that perform needed operations at the end of the built-in actions Application Center provides.

Included in this document:

  • Methodology and Technology

  • Example Scenarios

  • Registration of Classic COM Components

  • Deploying Compressed Files and Uncompressing on Target

  • Automatic Cluster Controller Failover

  • Resources


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