Operation Fails When An Asterisk is Used in ECIdParameter of the Get-EventLogLevel Cmdlet

Exchange 2007

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Applies to: Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Topic Last Modified: 2007-08-21

This topic describes how to resolve an issue that occurs when you attempt to use an asterisk (*) in the Get-EventLogLevel cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell to find all objects in the Microsoft Exchange Information Store (MSExchangeIS) event source. When you use the asterisk in the SubEventSource or Category part of the Identity parameter on the Get-EventLogLevel cmdlet, the operation is not successful.

In the Exchange Management Shell, parameters that use the ECIdParameter type use the syntax of EventSource\SubEventSource\Category. When you specify a value for parameters that use the EcIdParameter type, you can use asterisks only in the EventSource part of the type syntax. For example, you can use the following Get-EventLogLevel command to find all objects in the MSExchangeIS event source:

Get-EventLogLevel MSExchangeIS*

However, you cannot use the following command to find all categories in the 9000 Private subevent source of the MSExchangeIS event source:

Get-EventLogLevel MSExchangeIS\9000 Private\*

See the "Procedure" section of this topic for an example of a workaround to this issue.

To perform the following procedure, the account you use must be delegated membership in the local Administrator group. For more information about permissions, delegating roles, and the rights that are required to administer Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, see Permission Considerations.

  • For example, to find all objects in the MSExchangeIS event source in the 9000 Private subevent source, use either of the following commands:

    • Get-EventLogLevel MSExchangeIS\9000*\*

    • Get-EventLogLevel *\*9000*\*

For a list of the Exchange 2007 processes for which logging levels are configurable, see Processes with Configurable Event Logging Levels. For more information about how to change logging levels for Exchange processes, see How to Change Logging Levels for Exchange Processes.

For more information about the Get-EventLogLevel cmdlet, see Get-EventLogLevel. For more information about the Set-EventLogLevel cmdlet, see Set-EventLogLevel.