This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


The Operations topics for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 (VMM) provide targeted practical guidance for performing the most frequent and critical administrative tasks in Virtual Machine Manager.

In This Section

Roadmap to Operations Resources for Virtual Machine Manager

Links to a variety of resources in key areas of daily administration of Virtual Machine Manager--managing virtual machine hosts, maintaining resources in the Virtual Machine Manager library, managing virtual machine self-service, and many others.

Creating Virtual Machines in Virtual Machine Manager

Tutorial for getting started creating virtual machines; key concepts for creating virtual machines; procedures for creating virtual machines from an existing system virtual hard disk, a blank virtual hard disk, a virtual machine template, and an existing virtual machine; procedures for creating a virtual machine template and for installing Virtual Machine Additions on a virtual machine.

Converting Physical Computers to Virtual Machines (P2V Conversions)

Supported operating systems for V2V conversions; requirements; guidelines for selecting conversion candidates; P2V process overview; instructions for performing P2V conversions by using a wizard or Windows PowerShell - Virtual Machine Manager cmdlets; frequently asked questions; troubleshooting P2V conversions.

Converting VMware Virtual Machines (V2V Conversions)

Supported operating systems and VMware disk configurations for V2V conversions; requirements for the virtual machine host; instructions for performing V2V conversions by using a wizard or Windows PowerShell - Virtual Machine Manager cmdlets; troubleshooting V2V conversions.

Moving from Virtual Server to Virtual Machine Manager

What an experienced Virtual Server administrator needs to know to help ensure a smooth transition when adding an existing virtual machine host to Virtual Machine Manager; checklists of tasks to perform on hosts and virtual machines after adding an existing host to VMM; reference table of actions performed on virtual machines in VMM.

How Virtual Machine Manager Rates Hosts

A detailed discussion of the method that Virtual Machine Manager uses to rate the suitability of hosts when you place a virtual machine on a host; how to interpret the ratings; additional information for evaluating hosts; troubleshooting host rating issues.

Backing Up Virtual Machine Manager

How to create a comprehensive plan for backing up the VMM server, database server, hosts, virtual machines, and library servers. How to recover the VMM server, hosts, and library servers.

Additional Resources

Virtual Machine Manager Help

Procedures for performing all tasks in the VMM Administrator Console, and conceptual overviews of features

Microsoft Customer Support Knowledge Base (KB)

Fast, accurate answers to questions about Virtual Machine Manager

Virtual Machine Manager Community site

A community for sharing your experiences with other Virtual Machine Manager users.

VMM Troubleshooting

Instructions for troubleshooting error conditions related to virtual machines, data protection, library management, reporting, performance, and virtual machine self-service

VMM Scripting

Windows PowerShell scripts for automating common administrative tasks in Virtual Machine Manager

Server Virtualization Management Pack Guide

Instructions for installing and using the Server Virtualization Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007. The management pack provides reporting for Virtual Machine Manager and comprehensive health monitoring for managed virtual machines and hosts, the VMM server, database server, library servers, and self-service Web Server.