This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Configuring Virtual Machine Manager

This section provides instructions for configuring all features of Virtual Machine Manager.

In This Section

Adding Hosts

Until you add a virtual machine host to be managed by Virtual Machine Manager, many views and actions in the Virtual Machine Manager Administrator Console are not available. Learn how to add hosts to Virtual Machine Manager.

Adding File-Based Resources to the Library

All files that you use to create virtual machines—including scripts, ISO images, and virtual hard disks—must be catalogued in the Virtual Machine Manager library. Learn how to add library servers and library shares and how to refresh the library to add the files on the shares to the library.

Preparing for SAN Transfers

If SCVMM will manage hosts deployed on a storage area network (SAN), you must complete some configuration tasks to enable SAN transfers.

Setting Up Reporting

Reporting is implemented through the Server Virtualization Management Pack in System Center Operations Manager 2007. Learn how to deploy the Management Pack and then enable reporting in SCVMM.

How to Set Up Virtual Machine Self-Service

Through virtual machine self-service, you can allow users to operate and manage their own virtual machines in a controlled environment. Learn how to set up virtual machine self-service for your users.

VMM Settings

The Settings node in Administration view gives you access to systemwide settings for Virtual Machine Manager. Learn how to configure settings for the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), the library, virtual machine placement, reporting, virtual machine self-service, and Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC).

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