This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to Disable Undo Disks for a Virtual Machine

In Virtual Machine Manager, checkpoints are used instead of undo disks to restore a virtual machine to a previous state, and undo disks are not supported. When you add an existing virtual machine host to Virtual Machine Manager, any virtual machines with undo disks have Unsupported Undo Disk status until you disable the undo disks.

Use the following procedure to either merge or discard undo disks created for a virtual machine in Virtual Server so that the virtual machine can be operated and managed in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM).

To disable undo disks for a virtual machine
  1. In Virtual Machines view, in the navigation pane, navigate to the host on which the virtual machine is deployed.

  2. To identify virtual machines with Unsupported Undo Disk status, click the Status column header to sort the virtual machines by status. Then select the virtual machine that you want to fix.

  3. In the Actions pane, under Virtual Machine, click Disable undo disks.

    A warning that the virtual machine must be shut down in order to disable its undo disks is displayed. To avoid an interruption in service or data loss, you should shut down the virtual machine before you proceed.

  4. In the message box, click Yes to continue.

  5. In the Disable Undo Disks dialog box, select the appropriate option:

    Merge undo disk—Incorporates the changes in the undo disk in the parent virtual hard disk so that the virtual machine retains its most current state.

    Disable undo disk—Discards the changes in the undo disk and restores the virtual machine to its state before the undo disk was saved.

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