This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to Add a Library Server

Use the Add library server action, which is available in all views of the VMM Administrator Console, to add new library servers to Virtual Machine Manager and designate shares on the servers as library shares. You can later designate additional library shares by using the Add library shares action in Library view. For more information, see How to Add Library Shares.

Library servers must have Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later operating system and must be in a trusted domain with the Virtual Machine Manager server.

Virtual Machine Manager does not support file servers configured with the case-insensitive option for Windows Services for UNIX (NFS Case Control is set to Ignore).

Adding a library server installs a Virtual Machine Manager agent on the server with the Library Server role.

To add a library server
  1. In any view in the Virtual Machine Manager Administrator Console, click Add library server in the Actions pane.

  2. On the Select Library Servers wizard page, type or select the server that you want to add, and then click Add to add the server to the list of selected servers.

    To select servers, click Find. Then, in the Library Computer Search dialog box, perform the following steps:

    1. Enter the domain and the computer name of the server.
    2. Click Search to validate the computer name and add the server to the Select servers to add list.
    3. Select the servers that you want to add in the list, and click Add.
    4. When you finish adding servers to the list, click OK to add the selected servers to the main wizard page.
  3. On the Enter Credentials wizard page, enter a domain account that has administrative credentials on the selected servers.

  4. The Add Library Shares wizard page lists each available share on each selected server. Select each share that you want to add as a library share.

  5. On the Summary wizard page, review the configuration settings. To change settings, click Previous.

    Use the View Script button to display the Windows PowerShell - Virtual Machine Manager cmdlets that will perform this operation. All administrative tasks in Virtual Machine Manager can be performed at the command line or scripted. For more information, see Using the Virtual Machine Manager Command Shell.

  6. To begin adding the selected library servers, click Add Library Servers.

    To review the progress and results of the operation, display the Jobs window. The window is opened by default when the wizard closes. To view this window at any time, click My Jobs on the taskbar in the console's main window.

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