This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Host Groups

By creating host groups, you can customize your views of virtual machine hosts and the virtual machines deployed on them. Host groups also can be used to adjust the amount of resources reserved for the host operating system on different hosts and to make hosts available for users through virtual machine self-service.

In This Section

About Host Groups

Introduces host groups and describes the roles host groups can perform in Virtual Machine Manager.

How to Create a Host Group

Provides a procedure for creating a new host group, adding hosts to the host group, and setting the host group's properties.

How to Move Hosts to a Host Group

Provides procedures for moving hosts to a host group by using the drag and drop method or the Move to host group action.

How to Modify the Properties of a Host Group

Provides a procedure for modifying the properties of a host group to add a host group description, reset the resources reserved for host operating systems, and create self-service policies for users.

How to Delete a Host Group

Provides a procedure for deleting a host group that is not in use.

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