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Managed Computers

When you add a virtual machine host or a library server, Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) installs an agent on that computer. A single computer can serve as both a host and a library server. However, VMM installs only one agent; therefore, a managed computer can have multiple roles.

There is another scenario in which VMM temporarily installs an agent and a managed computer can have another role. When you use VMM to convert a physical computer to a virtual machine (P2V), VMM installs a special-purpose agent on the computer to gather information and then removes it before the conversion begins. These managed computers appear in the Managed Computers results pane only briefly.

You can reassociate or update VMM agents deployed on managed computers, and you can remove a managed computer role.

In This Section

How to Reassociate a Managed Computer with Another Virtual Machine Manager Server

Explains how to reassociate a managed computer with a different VMM server.

How to Update an Agent on a Managed Computer

Explains how to update the version of an agent on a managed computer.

How to Remove a Managed Computer Role

Explains how to remove a role from a managed computer.

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