This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to Grant Virtual Machine Management Permissions to Self-Service Users

Virtual machine permissions determine what actions self-service users can take on their own virtual machines. Use the following procedure to grant permissions related to managing virtual machines when you create or modify a self-service policy.

Two additional permissions—Create Virtual Machines permission and Store in Library permission—are granted by entering settings elsewhere in the self-service policy configuration.

To grant virtual machine management permissions to self-service users
  1. If you are creating a self-service policy, navigate to the Virtual Machine Management Settings page of the Create a New Self-Service Policy wizard.


    If you are modifying an existing self-service policy, display the VM Creation tab of the policy.

  2. Select the virtual machine permissions that you want to grant to the self-service user or group:

    • Full Control—Grants all virtual machine permissions except the Create Virtual Machine and Save to Library permissions, which are granted through settings on other pages of this wizard.
    • Start Virtual Machine
    • Stop Virtual Machine
    • Remove Virtual Machine—Allows the user to remove virtual machines, deleting the configuration files.
    • Pause and Resume Virtual Machine
    • Shutdown Virtual Machine—Allows the user to shut down the operating system on a virtual machine that has Virtual Machine Additions installed.
    • Local Administrator on Virtual Machine—Allows the user to set the local administrator password when creating a virtual machine so that the user has administrator rights and permissions on the virtual machine.
    • VMRC Access to Virtual Machine—Allows the user to open a session on the virtual machine through Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC).
    • Create and Merge Checkpoints on Virtual Machine—Allows the user to create and merge checkpoints and to restore their virtual machines to a previous checkpoint. For more information, see About Virtual Machine Checkpoints.

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