This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Virtual Machine Self-Service

By setting up virtual machine self-service, an administrator can allow users to create and operate their own virtual machines within a controlled environment. This section provides an overview of virtual machine self-service, a roadmap to the tasks involved in setting up virtual machine self-service, and a procedure for troubleshooting a self-service user's virtual machines.

In This Section

About Virtual Machine Self-Service

Describes key features of virtual machine self-service, including self-service policies, shared ownership of virtual machines, virtual machine quotas, and the Virtual Machine Self-Service Portal.

How to Set Up Virtual Machine Self-Service

Provides a roadmap to all tasks in the self-service setup, with links to related procedures.

How to Troubleshoot a User Session on the VMM Self-Service Portal

Provides a procedure for logging on to the Self-Service Portal as a self-service user to troubleshoot the user's virtual machines.