This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Virtual Machines

This section provides information about creating, modifying, deploying, operating, and managing virtual machines in Virtual Machine Manager.

In This Section

About Virtual Machines

Describes how virtual machines are implemented in Virtual Machine Manager and gives an overview of physical to virtual machine (P2V) conversions and virtual-to-virtual conversions (V2V).

Creating Virtual Machines

Provides procedures for creating virtual machines from a virtual hard disk, a template, an existing virtual machine, a physical server (P2V conversion), or an existing VMware virtual machine (V2V conversion).

How to Modify the Properties of a Virtual Machine

Provides procedures for modifying the properties of a virtual machine to add custom properties, configure the virtual machine for use in virtual machine self-service, create checkpoints, configure Virtual Server start and stop actions, and modify other settings that were configured when the virtual machine was created or deployed.

Deploying Virtual Machines

Describes virtual machine placement, explains how to customize the way hosts are rated during the placement process, and provides procedures for deploying a virtual machine and for migrating a deployed virtual machine to a different host.

Managing Virtual Machines

Provides procedures for operating and connecting to virtual machines, merging or discarding undo disks for a virtual machine, repairing a failed virtual machine, storing a virtual machine in the library, removing a virtual machine, and for creating and managing virtual machine checkpoints.