This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to Store a Virtual Machine in the Library

Use the following procedure to store a virtual machine in the library. To be stored in the library, the virtual machine must be stopped, shut down, or in a saved state. When you store a virtual machine that is in a saved state to the library, the state is moved to the library share along with the virtual machine.

In Library view, the virtual machine is added to the VMs and Templates node on the library server where the virtual machine is stored. The files associated with the virtual machine are not displayed in the library. For more information, see About Library View.

To store a virtual machine in the library
  1. In Virtual Machines view, select the virtual machine that you want to store in the results pane.

  2. If the virtual machine is running, either stop, shut down, or save state for the virtual machine. You cannot store a virtual machine while it is running.

  3. In the Actions pane, click Store in Library.

  4. On the Select Path wizard page, specify where to store the virtual machine:

    1. Under Library server, select the library server on which you want to store the virtual machine. You can filter the list by typing a library group or in the Library group field or search for a specific library server by typing text in the Look for field.
    2. To specify where to store the virtual machine on the library server, click Browse. The Select Destination Folder dialog box displays the library shares that have been added on the selected library server. Navigate to the folder that you want to store the virtual machine, and then click OK.
  5. On the Summary wizard page, review the configuration settings. To change settings, click Previous.

    Use the View Script button to display the Windows PowerShell - Virtual Machine Manager cmdlets that will perform the operation. All administrative tasks in Virtual Machine Manager can be performed at the command line or scripted. For more information, see Using the Virtual Machine Manager Command Shell.

  6. To begin migrating the virtual machine to the library server, click Store.

    To review the progress and results of the operation, display the Jobs window. The window is opened by default when the wizard closes. To view this window at any time, click My Jobs on the taskbar in the console's main window.

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