This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to Add Files to the Library

To be used in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), files must be added to the VMM library. This is done by copying the files to a library share on a library server, and then refreshing the library share.

When you add a library share to a library server, the files on the share are immediately indexed in VMM and are added to Library view. However, when you copy files to an existing library share, the files are not added to the library until the next library refresh. You can wait until the next periodic library refresh, or you can index the files immediately by refreshing the library share manually.

Where you store the scripts, virtual hard disks, virtual floppy disks, and ISO images that you use with virtual machines can greatly affect the performance of the servers involved and network traffic during virtual machine creation. For guidance on planning a distributed library, see Planning, Installing, and Configuring Virtual Machine Manager (

The following procedure tells how to add files to an existing library share and then refresh the library share manually to add the files to the library. For information about adding library servers and library shares, see How to Add a Library Server and How to Add Library Shares.

To add files to an existing library share
  1. On the library server, copy the files to the library share where you want to store them.

  2. In the VMM Administrator Console, display Library view.

  3. In the navigation pane, expand Library Server, and then navigate to the library share that you copied the files to.

  4. With the library share selected, in the Actions pane, under Library Share, click Refresh.

    All files on the share are immediately indexed in Virtual Machine Manager and are added to Library view.

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