This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managing Virtual Machines

This section provides instructions for performing management tasks on virtual machines and configuring Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC) so that you can connect to virtual machines from the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) Administrator Console.

In This Section

Operating Virtual Machines

Provides a table that lists and describes the actions you can use to operate virtual machines in Virtual Machines view.

How to Connect to a Virtual Machine

Provides a procedure for connecting to a virtual machine from the VMM Administrator Console by using Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC).

How to Configure VMRC Access to Virtual Machines

Provides a procedure for specifying the port to use for VMRC and optionally specifying accounts that can access virtual machines on all managed hosts by using VMRC.


Explains how to use checkpoints to restore a virtual machine to a previous state and provides procedures for creating and managing checkpoints.

How to Disable Undo Disks for a Virtual Machine

Provides a procedure for disabling undo disks--by either discarding or merging the disks-- for a virtual machine created in Virtual Server so that the virtual machine can be managed by Virtual Machine Manager.

How to Repair a Virtual Machine

Provides a procedure for repairing a failed virtual machine by retrying or undoing the action that that caused the failure or by refreshing the metadata for the virtual machine if you resolved the issue outside Virtual Machine Manager.

How to Store a Virtual Machine in the Library

Provides a procedure for migrating a virtual machine that is not in use to a library server.

How to Remove a Virtual Machine

Provides a procedure for removing a virtual machine and deleting its files.

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