This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to Add Library Shares

Virtual Machine Manager indexes only files stored on designated library shares. If, after adding a library server, you want to add or remove library shares on the server from the library, you can use the Add library share action.

When you add a library share, the resources on the share are immediately indexed in Virtual Machine Manager. However, if you later add files to a library share outside Virtual Machine Manager, the new files are not indexed in Virtual Machine Manager until the next library refresh. To index the files immediately, you can refresh the library share manually. For more information, see How to Refresh a Library Share.

To add library shares to a library server
  1. On the library server, share the folders that you want to add as library shares.

  2. In Library view in the VMM Administrator Console, expand Library Servers in the navigation pane, and then navigate to the library server that contains the shares you want to add to the library.

  3. With the server selected, in the Actions pane, under Library Server, click Add library share.

  4. On the Enter Credentials page, specify a domain account that has administrator credentials on the local library server.

    The Add Library Shares page displays each folder that has been shared on the library server. The folders that have already been designated library shares are selected.

  5. On the Add Library Shares page, select each share that you want to add as a library share.

  6. On the Summary page, review your choices and then click Add Library Shares.

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