This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Virtual Machine Manager Library

The Virtual Machine Manager library is a catalog that gives access to file-based resources stored on your library servers (such as Sysprep scripts, ISO images, and virtual hard disks) and to virtual machine templates, guest operating system profiles, and hardware profiles—database objects that you configure in Virtual Machine Manager. You can also store virtual machines in the library when they are not in use.

In This Section

About the Virtual Machine Manager Library

Provides overviews of the Virtual Machine Manager library, Library view, and library refreshes.

Adding File-Based Resources to the Library

Provides procedures for adding library servers and library shares, for adding files to library shares, and for refreshing the library to index the files on library shares.

Removing File-Based Resources from the Library

Provides procedures for disabling and enabling file-based resources, removing resources from the library, removing a library share, and removing a library server.

Configuring Profiles and Templates

Provides information and procedures for configuring guest operating system profiles, hardware profiles, and virtual machine templates.

Working with Virtual Machines in Library View

Provides information about how to view virtual machines in the library and the actions you can perform on those machines, such as cloning, deploying, repairing, and removing virtual machines, or performing a virtual-to-virtual conversion.