This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Each unit of work in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) is tracked as a job. These jobs are created as you take actions on objects managed by VMM. For example, creating a virtual machine is a single job. Stopping or starting that same virtual machine is also a job that can be monitored, canceled, or restarted. Jobs are displayed in Jobs view, and can be searched, sorted, filtered, and grouped.

In This Section

About Jobs

Introduces jobs, and describes the way a job is used by VMM to show the progress of an operation.

How to Monitor Jobs

Provides procedures for viewing the status of jobs in Jobs view and monitoring your own jobs from any view in the Jobs window.

How to Cancel a Job

Explains how to cancel a running job.

How to Restart a Job

Explains how to restart a job that has been canceled or failed.