Modelsitedeploy: Planning Command Utility operation

PerformancePoint Server 2007

Updated: 2009-04-30

Use the modelsitedeploy command to force a full or incremental deployment of the model site to the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services database. An incremental deployment will only deploy changes between the application metadata and fact data from the application database and the deployed model site. A full deployment will delete the Analysis Services database and re-create the model site from scratch.

A full redeployment of a model site can only be performed by using the Planning Command Utility. All other redeployments are incremental.


ppscmd modelsitedeploy

ppscmd modelsitedeploy /path <application_label>.<modelsite_label>

| /server <ppsserver.uri>

| each optional one

Command switches


Parameter Required? Description

/path <ModelsitePath>


Specifies the path for the model site.

/server <ServerUri>


Specifies the server URI to connect to. The default is the Modeler default server.


The following flag provides additional instructions to the server when used with the modelsitedeploy command.

Flag Description


Deletes the existing Analysis Services database and re-creates the model site. The default is Incremental.

Return value



The following command-line example shows the use of the modelsitedeploy command.

ppscmd modelsitedeploy /full /server http://sourceserver:46787 /path bizcorp.corporate

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