ISA Server Enterprise Edition Installation Process

Before you begin installation, consider the topology of your Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition infrastructure.

Consider the following:

  • Will you deploy ISA Server in a workgroup or in a trusted domain environment? For more information, see "ISA Server Enterprise Edition in a Workgroup" at the Microsoft TechNet Web site.
  • Where will the Configuration Storage servers be installed?
  • Will all the Configuration Storage servers be installed in the same site? For more information about multi-site installations, see "Deployment Guidelines for ISA Server Enterprise Edition" at the Microsoft TechNet Web site.
  • How many arrays will you install in the enterprise?
  • How many members are in each array?
  • Will you manage the enterprise remotely?
  • How many remote management computers will you install?

Before you set up ISA Server, review ISA Server EE Installation Requirements earlier in this document. Then, deploy the computers in this order:

  1. Install a Configuration Storage server. The Configuration Storage server must be available to install the ISA Server 2006 component. When you install a Configuration Storage server, you can join the server to an existing enterprise. Alternatively, you can create a new enterprise. For the most effective deployment, we recommend that you create a single enterprise in your organization. With a single enterprise, you can manage all the arrays in your organization from a single ISA Server Management MMC snap-in.
  2. (Optional) Create arrays, enterprise network rules, and enterprise policies on the Configuration Storage server. When you begin installing array members, as described in the next step, you can join them to arrays that already exist.
  3. Install ISA Server services on one or more computers. When you install a computer running ISA Server services as the first member of a new array, you will specify addresses in the Internal network. For information about the Internal network, see the product documentation.
    Because the Internal network must include an IP address that is defined on a network adapter that is currently connected and enabled, you can continue past the Internal Network setup page only if the internal network adapter is connected, enabled, and has the correct IP address assigned.

Note the following:

  • As part of the installation process, ISA Server modifies the TCP/IP driver's dynamic port range, setting it to 65,535.
  • When you select to install the Advanced Logging component (MSDE) during ISA Server Setup, several .dll files are installed, including Ds16gt.dll, and Odbc16gt.dll. The Advanced Logging component (MSDE) is an optional component, installed by default.

As part of the installation process, the following services are disabled:

  • Internet Connection Firewall or Internet Connection Sharing
  • IP Network Address Translation

In addition, the following services are stopped during installation:

  • SNMP service
  • FTP Publishing service
  • Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
  • IIS Admin service
  • World Wide Web Publishing service

These services are restarted after installation completes.