Single Server Deployment

In this scenario, you will install the Configuration Storage server and the ISA Server services on the same computer.

Do not install an ISA Server array member through a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection over a connection that is using network address translation (NAT). When the ISA Server installation is complete, your RDP connection will be disconnected and you will no longer be able to establish a new RDP connection.

To install a single server deployment, perform the following procedure.

To install a single server deployment
  1. Insert the ISA Server CD into the CD drive, or run ISAAutorun.exe from the shared network drive.

  2. In Microsoft ISA Server Setup, click Install ISA Server 2006. Use the wizard to install ISA Server 2006 as outlined in the following table.

    Page Field or property Setting



    Click Next.

    License Agreement

    License Agreement

    Select I accept the terms in the license agreement.

    Customer Information

    User Name


    Product Serial Number

    Enter user name.

    Enter organization name.

    Enter product serial number.

    Setup Scenarios

    Select the setup scenario.

    Select Install both ISA Server services and Configuration Storage server.

    Component Selection

    Review the features that will be installed. Notice that ISA Server Management is also installed.

    Click Next.

    Enterprise Installation Options

    Select the enterprise installation options.

    Select Create a new ISA Server enterprise.

    New Enterprise Warning

    This page warns you not to install more than one enterprise. Because you are creating a new enterprise, you can ignore the warning.

    Click Next.

    Internal Network

    For an explanation of how to define Internal networks, see ISA Server EE Appendix A: Adding Addresses to the Internal Network, later in this document.

    1. Click Add to specify the network address ranges.
    2. Click Add Adapter.
    3. Select one or more of the adapters that are connected to the Internal network. These addresses will be included in the Internal network that is defined by default for ISA Server.
    4. Click OK, click OK, and then click Next.

    For an explanation of how to define Internal networks, see ISA Server EE Appendix A: Adding Addresses to the Internal Network, later in this document.

    Firewall Client Connections

    Select whether you want to allow non-encrypted connections between Firewall clients and the ISA Server computer.

    Verify that Allow non-encrypted Firewall client connections is not selected. Click Next.

    Services Warning

    Review services that will be stopped and services that will be disabled if you continue.

    Click Next.

    Ready to Install the Program


    Click Install.

Note the following:

  • When you install the Configuration Storage server and ISA Server services on the same computer the following occurs:
    • If you select Create a New ISA Server enterprise, the name of the enterprise will be Enterprise.
    • A new array is automatically created with the following settings:

    Value Setting


    Set to the computer name of the computer.

    Applied Enterprise Policy

    Set to the default policy.

    Array Firewall Policy Types

    Set to "Deny" access rules, "Allow" access rules, and Publishing rules ("Deny" and "Allow").

    Configuration Storage authentication method

    Set to Windows Authentication.

  • ISA Server Setup disables the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF). If you run the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer after installing ISA Server services, the following information message can be ignored:
    Windows Firewall - Windows Firewall is not installed or configured properly, or is not available on this version of Windows.