Export a configuration (Standard Edition)

To export a configuration (Standard Edition)ISA Server 2006 Standard Edition only
  1. In the console tree of ISA Server Management, click the ISA Server computer name:

    • Expand Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006, and then click Server_Name.
  2. On the Tasks tab, click Export (Back Up) this ISA Server Configuration.

  3. To export confidential information, such as user passwords and certificates, click Export confidential information. This information will be encrypted during the export process.

  4. To export user permissions, click Export user permission settings.

  5. In Save this data in this file, specify the folder in which the export file will be saved.

  6. In File name, type a name for the exported file.

  7. Click Export.

To open ISA Server Management, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft ISA Server, and then click ISA Server Management.
The system policy rules are not exported when you export the firewall policy. To export the system policy, from the Firewall Policy node, select the Export System Policy task.
You only have to specify a password when exporting confidential information.
Specify a strong password, to ensure proper protection of encrypted information. A password is considered strong if it provides an effective defense against unauthorized access. A strong password does not contain all or part of the user account name. It contains at least three of the four following categories of characters: uppercase characters, lowercase characters, base 10 digits, and symbols found on the keyboard (such as !, @, and #).
When you select Export confidential information, configuration data that should remain confidential is exported. This includes:
  • User credential passwords used in your ISA Server configuration. For example, in logging to a computer running SQL Server, running a program as a result of an alert, or L2TP remote authentication.
  • RADIUS shared secret.
  • VPN preshared IPsec key.

When you select Export user permission settings, the permissions on the ISA Server Management configuration are exported. Typically, you would select this if you want to replicate an existing configuration inside the same organization.