Using the Management Console for Job Management


Applies to: Forefront Server Security Management Console

Topic Last Modified: 2007-08-02

The Job Management section of the Navigation area comprises the following tasks:

  • Packages. Work with packages of installation images or template files that are configured to be deployed by FSSMC to the managed servers. Clicking on Packages displays a work pane containing a list of all existing packages. You can add new packages, as well as copy, rename, edit, and delete existing ones
  • Jobs. Work with individual jobs for Deployment, Signature Redistribution, Schedule Report, General Options, Manual Scan, and Remote Logs Retrieval. Clicking on Jobs displays a work pane containing the various categories and the existing jobs under each. You can add new jobs, as well as edit, copy, and delete existing ones; determine the status of a job; run a job immediately; and roll back some jobs.
  • Quarantine Manager. Manage all Quarantine databases in the enterprise. Data can be retrieved and filtered for analysis. Quarantined messages and files can be viewed, deleted, and delivered.