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AttributeMetadata Class (MetadataService)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Contains all the metadata for an entity attribute.

The AttributeMetadata class inherits from CrmMetadata. It exposes the following members.

AttributeMetadataInitializes a new instance of the AttributeMetadata class.

Instance PropertyDescription
AggregateOfGets the name of the attribute that aggregates the value of this property.
AttributeOfGets the name of that attribute that this attribute extends.
AttributeTypeGets or sets the type for the attribute.
CalculationOfFor internal use only.
DefaultValueGets or sets the default value of the attribute.
DescriptionGets or sets the description of the attribute.
DisplayMaskGets information about how to display the attribute.
DisplayNameGets or sets the display name for the attribute.
EntityLogicalNameGets the logical name of the entity that contains the attribute.
IsCustomFieldGets whether the attribute is a custom field.
LogicalNameGets the logical name for the attribute.
RequiredLevelGets or sets the data entry requirement level enforced for the attribute.
SchemaNameGets or sets the schema name for the attribute.
ValidForCreateGets whether the field can be specified when an entity instance is created.
ValidForReadGets whether the field can be specified when an entity instance is retrieved.
ValidForUpdateGets whether the field can be specified when an entity instance is updated.
YomiOfFor internal use only.


This class is returned in the response from the RetrieveAttribute message.


Web service: MetadataService

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