This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating a Security File for Agent on a Perimeter Network

For Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) to manage a host on a perimeter network, VMM needs to create a set of credentials to access the agent on that host. The following steps describe how VMM creates and uses these credentials:

  1. During local agent installation on a host on a perimeter network, Setup prompts you for an encryption key and for other information that VMM needs to access the agent and manage the host and its virtual machines.
  2. Using this information, Setup generates a local account with administrator privileges on the host and a set of credentials for the account.
  3. Setup then uses the encryption key you provide to encrypt the account credentials and the other agent access information into a security file.
  4. You transfer this security file to the computer on which a VMM Administrator Console is installed.
  5. You use the Add Host Wizard in the VMM Administrator Console to add the host, browse to the security file, and provide the encryption key to securely enter the account credentials into VMM.
  6. VMM uses these secure credentials to communicate with and manage the agent on the host.
After you have added the host to VMM, you should permanently delete the security file to reduce the risk of the encrypted account credentials being compromised.

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