Specify Column Content and Data Type (Data Mining Wizard)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Use the Specify Column Content and Data Type page to specify the usage and data type for each column that you selected on the previous page of the wizard. If you want to ignore the column, click Back to return to the page Specify the Training Data, and clear all checkboxes.

The usage of a column indicates how the data will be used in the model. A column can be used as a key to identify a series, as an input value to use in analysis, or as the value that you want to predict. Columns can be used for both prediction and input.

The data type specifies additional detail about the type of data that is contained in the column, and how the data will be used during training. Some content types require a specific data type, and vice versa. You might also need to specify a particular data type depending on the algorithm that you use when you create a mining model. For information about content types and data types in mining models and structures, see Content Types (Data Mining).

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Mining model structure
Displays the columns from the views and nested tables that you selected on the previous page of the wizard.

Lists the columns.

Content type
Specify the content type for the column. If you specified that the column is a key on the previous page of the wizard, the following values are available:

KeySpecify that the column contains a unique identifier for the case series.
Key SequenceSpecify that the column contains a sequence identifier.
Key TimeSpecify that the column contains a date or other unique continuous number that is used to identify a date or time series.

If you selected the column as a non-key column, the following values are available, depending on the data type:

ContinuousSpecify that the column contains continuous numeric values.
DiscretizedSpecify that the column contains numeric values that either have been discretized, or can be treated as discrete values.
DiscreteSpecify that the column contains text or other nonnumeric values.

Data type
Specify the data type for the column.

The following values are available:

  • Boolean

  • Date

  • Double

  • Long

  • Text

Analyze a sample of data in all numeric columns. Replaces specified Content Type values with a recommended content type.

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