Working with Packages

Use the topics in this section to learn more detailed information about how to use specific Integration Services components and how those components integrate with other SQL Server technologies.

Improving the Performance of the Data Flow

Contains a series of suggestions to help you design packages that perform efficiently.

Profiling Data with the Data Profiling Task and Viewer

Describes how to use the Data Profiling task to learn about unfamiliar data sources and to discover potential problems in your data.

Improving Incremental Loads with Change Data Capture

In SQL Server, change data capture offers an effective solution to the challenge of efficiently performing incremental loads from source tables to data marts and data warehouses. The topics in this section describe how to create an Integration Services package that performs an incremental load of change data.

Using MERGE in Integration Services Packages

Describes how to use the Transact-SQL MERGE keyword, which is new in SQL Server 2008, in Integration Services.

Working with Other SQL Server Features

Describes the features of Integration Services that work with the SQL Server Database Engine, Analysis Services, and other major components of SQL Server.

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