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Column Null Ratio Profile Request Options (Data Profiling Task)

Topic Status: Some information in this topic is preview and subject to change in future releases. Preview information describes new features or changes to existing features in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2).

Use the Request Properties pane of the Profile Requests page to set the options for the Column Null Ratio Request selected in the requests pane. A Column Null Ratio profile reports the percentage of null values in the selected column. This profile can help you identify problems in your data such as an unexpectedly high ratio of null values in a column. For example, a Column Null Ratio profile can profile a ZIP Code/Postal Code column and discover an unacceptably high percentage of missing postal codes.

Note Note

The options described in this topic appear on the Profile Requests page of the Data Profiling Task Editor. For more information about this page of the editor, see Data Profiling Task Editor (Profile Requests Page).

For more information about how to use the Data Profiling Task, see Setup of the Data Profiling Task. For more information about how to use the Data Profile Viewer to analyze the output of the Data Profiling Task, see Data Profile Viewer.

For a Column Null Ratio Request, the Request Properties pane displays the following groups of options:

  • Data, which includes the TableOrView and Column options

  • General

Data Options


Select the existing ADO.NET connection manager that uses the.NET Data Provider for SQL Server (SqlClient) to connect to the SQL Server database that contains the table or view to be profiled.


Select the existing table or view that contains the column to be profiled.

For more information, see the section, "TableorView Options," in this topic.


Select the existing column to be profiled. Select (*) to profile all columns.

For more information, see the section, "Column Options," in this topic.

TableOrView Options


Specifies the schema to which the selected table belongs. This option is read-only.


Displays the name of the selected table. This option is read-only.

Column Options


Specifies whether the (*) wildcard has been selected. This option is set to True if you have selected (*) to profile all columns. It is False if you have selected an individual column to be profiled. This option is read-only.


Displays the name of the selected column. This option is blank if you have selected (*) to profile all columns. This option is read-only.


This option does not apply to the Column Null Ratio Profile.

General Options


Type a descriptive name to identify this profile request. Typically, you do not have to change the autogenerated value.

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